Statement of 2nd Summit of New Royal Diplomacy

Statement by Prince Junsuke Peace Foundation


20th July 2017


On the occasion of the Second Summit of New Royal Diplomacy in Tampere, Finland


Her Majesty 152nd Grand Duchess Tarja Vittoria Borbone of Italy, His Imperial Majesty 44th Grand Duke Sergey Nikolaevich Volkov of Russia, and His Royal Highness 3rd Premier Maestro Prince Junsuke Kita Borbone of Sicily visited Tampere, Finland, from 19th until 22nd July 2017 to attend the Second Summit and Banquet Concert of New Royal Diplomacy.


The Summit was convened, organised and hosted by the Prince Junsuke Peace Foundation, in cooperation with the representatives of Finland, and it was attended by twelve participants and delegates representing four countries: Italy, Russia, Finland, and Japan.


The Summit was arranged to promote peace in the world, this time focussing in particular on the relationship between Italy and Russia, Finland and Italy, Finland and Russia, and Finland and Japan.


The schedule allowed time for personal meetings, which made it possible to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship between the representatives, personal communication thus further promoting New Royal Diplomacy between these countries.


The representatives of Italy, HM Grand Duchess Borbone and HRH Prince Maestro Junsuke, have as their role to encourage, support, and ease the communication between the representatives by their inspiring presence, and by creating and holding the heartful atmosphere during the Summit.


HM Grand Duchess Borbone’s deep Mother Love and her warm and wise words, HRH Prince Maestro Junsuke’s touching performance of his own arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s music to the ballet “ Sleeping Beauty ”, and the much appreciated traditional Japanese “ God Dance to Pray for Peace ” all help the Summit representatives towards connecting to the universal world of peace.


We are very grateful to HIM Grand Duke Volkov, representative of Russia, for visiting Finland for the first time ever after Finnish independence, as a representative of the Imperial Family of Russia. It is a privilege for us to share this historical moment with HIM Grand Duke Volkov, especially as his deep Brother Love helps all the Summit representatives experience peace in the world.


Our deep gratitude for the success of this Summit goes to all the representatives, who give their energy and uplifting ideas, and share their faith and commitment to promote peace in the world.


We are looking forward to furthering and expanding our New Royal Diplomacy and to seeing each other again in the Third Summit in Chania, Crete, in December 2017.


For peace in the world,



Representative of Russia

His Imperial Majesty 44th Grand Duke Sergey Nikolaevich Volkov of Russia


Representatives of Italy

Her Royal Majesty 152nd Grand Duchess Tarja Vittoria Borbone of Italy

His Royal Highness 3rd Premier Prince Maestro Junsuke Kita Borbone of Italy


Representatives of Finland

Lady Raija Jaatinen

Lady Annika Karppelin


Representatives of Japan

His Excellency Mr. Kazuo Yamagami

His Excellency Mr. Yasuo Mito


Members of the Japanese delegation

Ms. Yoshiko Kado,  Mr. Kazuyoshi Ikarashi,  Ms. Akiko Sato,  Mr. Takemasa Yamamoto,  Ms. Mayuko Kondo